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Y Dinner Recipes, Compiled by Doris Gallo 2009

Y. W. C. A. Cook Book, a selection of tested recipes, by Young Women's Christian Association, 1908

Year's Cookery, giving dishes for breakfast, luncheon, and dinner for every day in the year, by Phillis Browne 1892

Yeast Breads from Around the World, Shirley Mackenzie's Collected Recipes 2007

Yeast Breads Muffins and Rolls Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

York Cook Book, by the Ladies of York, Nebraska, Arranged by Ladies of the Presbyterian Church 1911

Young Cook's Guide, Text-Book on Cookery, Young Women's Christian Association, by Miss A. C. Cruikshank 1893

Young Cook's Guide, with practical observations, a new treatise on French and English cookery, by I. Roberts 1836

Young House Keeper; or, Thoughts on Food and Cookery, by William Andrus Alcott 1838

Young Housekeeper's Friend, by Mrs. Cornelius 1859

Young Housewife's Counsellor and Friend, in every department of housekeeping, by Miss Mary Mason 1875

Young Housewife's Daily Assistant, On All Matters Relating to Cookery and Housekeeping, by Cre-Fydd 1864

Young Ladies' Guide in the Art of Cookery, being a collection of useful receipts, by Elizabeth Marshall 1777

Young Person's Guide to Good Food, by New Mexico State University 2003

Young Woman's Guide to Virtue, Economy, and Happiness, complete and elegant system of domestic cookery, 1820

Yuletide Favorites, A booklet published by the United Fuel Gas Company of Christmas recipes

Yummy Appetizers Recipes, pdf created by Susan Lakeview 1998

Yummy Bread Pancakes Biscuits Muffins Recipes, Sharon Pemberton's Collected Recipes 2013

Yummy Diwali India Recipes, Sweets and Desserts, by IndusLadies




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