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Kansas City Steak Book, the Official Guide to Great Steaks & More

Keep the Beat Recipes, Deliciously Healthy Dinners, by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2009

Keep the War Foods Cooking, Dept. of Household Science, Illinois Farmers' Institute, by Mrs. H. A. McKeene 1918

Keeping Food Safe, by New Mexico State University

Kenton Cook-Book, by Kenton Cook-Book Co., Kenton, Ohio. 1888

Kentucky Fried Chicken Original Recipes, Colonel Harland Sanders

Ketchups Recipes, by Eliza Leslie 1840

Kettner's Book of the Table, A Manual of Cookery, Practical, Theoretical, by Eneas Sweetland Dallas, 1877

Khaki Kook Book, Hundred Practical Recipes Mostly from Hindustan, by Mary Kennedy Core 1917

Kialla Pure Foods, Organic Flours, Grains and Recipes, the Organic Grain Millers 2013

Kids Fun Recipes, 127 Fun and Delicious Recipes for Parents, by Ebook Store Online

Kids Good Health, Recipe Book, healthy food ideas with dairy, by Dairy Australia 2007

King Edward's Cookery Book, by Florence A. George 1907

King of Receipt Books, by P. T. Hayden 1895

Kingswood Cookery Book, by Harriet F. Wicken 1885

Kirmess Cook Book, a collection of well-tested recipes, by Christ Hospital of Jersey City 1907

Kitchen Encyclopedia, by Anonymous 1911

Kitchen French, A Dictionary of Terms used in Cookery, by Fran D. Parker 1896

Kitchen Garden and the Cook, cultivation of vegetables, with recipes, by Cecilia Maria Pearse 1913

Kitchen, or, Everyday Cookery, containing many useful, practical directions, recipes, etc.........1885

Kitchen Thai Recipes, Compiled by Micaela Pantke 1993

Kitchenette cookery, by Anna Merritt East 1917




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