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Haddock Fish Recipes, by Olive Green 1905

Ham Recipes, Miss Leslie's New Cookery Book, by Eliza Leslie 1857

Hams and Other Hams Old South Recipes, by Martha McCulloch Williams 1913

Hand Book of Choice Receipts, by Flora I. Davenport 1901

Handbook for the Kitchen and Housekeeper's Guide, containing household recipes, by Flora Neely 1910

Handbook of Cookery, by Matilda Lees Dods 1881

Handbook of Fish Cookery, how to buy, dress, cook and eat fish, by Lucy H. Yates 1897

Handbook of Home Economics, by Etta Proctor Flagg 1912

Handbook of Household Management and Cookery, by William Bernhard Tegetmeier 1894

Handbook of Household Science, by Juniata L. Shepperd 1902

Handbook of Invalid Cooking for the use of nurses in training-schools, by Mary A. Boland 1893

Handbook of Naval Cookery 1914

Handbook of Practical Cookery, by Matilda Lees Dods 1886

Handbook of Practical Cookery, For Ladies and Professional Cooks, by Pierre Blot 1884

Handy Cook Book, Published in Kansas City, Missouri, by Neel & Son 1917

Handy Cook Book, with a Familiar Talk on Cookery, by Marion Harland 1900

Handy Household Hints, A Compilation of, Useful Cooking Recipes, Helpful Hints and Ready Remedies 1887

Harrison's Flavoring Extracts. 18 varieties, by Apollos W. Harrison 1870

Hartley House Cook Book and Household Economist, by Ella A. Pierce 1901

Harvesting and Storing Your Home Orchard's Nut Crop. Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, by University of California 1998

Hatfield Cook Book, Plain and Fancy Recipes, by the Congregational Church 1899

Hawaiian Cook Book, by the Womans' Society of Central Union Church, Honolulu 1920


Heads of any Beasts Recipes, by Robert May 1685

Health in the Household, Or, Hygienic Cookery, by Susanna Way Dodds 1883

Healthful Cookery, A Collection of Choice Recipes for Preparing Foods, by Ella Ervilla Kellogg 1904

Healthy and Easy Dinner Recipes, by Carolyn Howard 2007

Healthy Canteen Kit, Canteen Manual, Go for your life, by Student Learning Division, Melbourne 2006

Healthy Chinese Cuisine, Using Fruits and Vegetables 2005

Healthy Dinner Recipes, by Compiled by Alice Kennon 2009

Healthy Easy to Make Soup Recipes, by Jane Johnson 2004

Healthy Eating for Adults, Eat for Health and Wellbeing, by eatforhealth.gov.au

Healthy Fish and Seafood Recipes, Compiled by Franado Barczak 2010

Healthy Food Recipes for babies and toddlers, by NSW Government, Local Health District

Healthy Hurricane, Disaster Cookbook, This recipe book is your guide to making better food choices 2004

Healthy Japanese Cooking Recipes, by Jane Johnson 2010

Healthy Latino Recipes, by Champion for Change, Network for a Healthy California

Healthy Life Cook Book, by Florence Daniel, Second Edition 1915

Healthy Log It Now, 30 Recipes, 200, 300, & 400 Calorie Dishes, by myfitnesspal 2014

Healthy Muffin Recipes, Compiled by Stephanie da Silva 1993

Healthy Recipes with Dairy Foods, by Dairy Australia 2012

Healthy Soup Recipes, Compiled by Kate Willington 2013

Healthy Traditions, Recipes of our Ancestors, National Center for Native Americans

Hearthstone, or, Life at Home, a Household Manual, with a Cookery Book, by Laura Carter Holloway 1883

Helpful Hints for Housewives, by Mary Kerr Haines 1915

Helping Hand Club, Cookery for Working-Men's Wives, by United States. Consulate. Glasgow 1890

Helping Hand Cook Book, with numerous recipes, by Marion Harland and Christine Terhune Herrick 1912

Henriette Davidis' Practical Cook Book, From The Thirty-fifth German Edition, by Henriette Davidis 1897

Herring Kingfish Fish Recipes, by Olive Green 1905

High Class Cookery Recipes, by Edith Clarke 1885

High Living, Recipes from Southern Climes, by L. L. McLaren 1904

High School Cookery Book, by Grace Bradshaw 1916

Hints on Health and Tested Receipts for Plain Cooking, Bowmanville, Ont 1900

Hints to Housewives on How to Buy, by Mayor Mitchel's Food Supply Committee, New York 1917

Historic Paxton, 1722-1913 family recipes contributed by the Woman's Aid Society of Paxton Church

Home Advisor, by the Ladies' Aid Society, of Olivet Methodist Episcopal Church, Coatesville, Pennsylvania 1911

Home Canned Fruit Pie Fillings, by New Mexico State University 2015

Home Canned Sweet Spreads Made with Green Chile, by New Mexico State University

Home Canning Meat, Poultry, Red Meats, Game and Seafood, by NDSU Extension Service 2012

Home Canning of Fruits, by New Mexico State University 2009

Home Canning of Vegetables, by New Mexico State University 2011

Home Comfort Range Cook Book, by Wrought Iron Range Co 1894

Home Cook Book, A collection of practical receipts by Expert Cooks 1905

Home Cook Book, recipes contributed by ladies of Chicago and other cities and towns, Chicago, Ill. 1877

Home Cookery, by Mrs Howson 1881

Home Cookery, by North Midland School of Cookery 1898

Home Cookery in War-Time, by Ernest Oldmeadow 1915

Home Cooking Indian Recipes, Compiled by Micaela Pantke 1993

Home Dissertations, to the household for economical and skill in cookery, by Mrs. E. Stevens Tilton 1891

Home Economist, A manual for the people, by M. W. Ellsworth 1895

Home Guide, or, A Book by 500 Ladies, embracing about 1,000 recipes and hints, pertaining to cookery,..... 189-?

Home Helps, A Guide to the New Housewife, Carroll Hoyt Thomas 1912

Home Made Mead Brewing, by Jane Johnson 2004

Home Made Yeast and Bread, by Marion Harland 1893

Home Messenger Book of Tested Receipts, by Mary B. Duffield 1873

Home Pork Making, by A. W Fulton 1900

Home Science Cook Book, by Mary J. Lincoln, Anna Barrows 1914

Home Studies, by Rebecca A. Upton 1856

Homemade Cook Book, A Complete Manual 1885

Homemade Muffins from Scratch, Compiled by Stephanie da Silva 1993

Homemade Salsas, Compiled by Micaela Pantke 1993

Homemade Wine Easy Recipes, Converted to Pdf by Jane Johnson 2014

Homemade Wine Recipes, From the Winemaker Secrets Inner Circle Library

Homemaking with a Flair, Winter 1973

Honey and Some of the Ways it may be Used, by C. B. Gooderham and M. L. Heeney 1936

Honey Recipes, by R. Stephens, Mole Creek, Tasmania, Australia

Honeycomb Recipes, Valerie Robertson's Collected Recipes 2013

Hood's Cook Book, by C. I. Hood & Co. Lowell, Mass. 1878

Hostess of Today, by Linda Hull Larned 1904

Hot and Delicious 212 Pizza Recipes, Prepared by LadyWeb's Virtual Coffee Table Books

Hot Breads Recipes, Library of Cookery

Hot Desserts Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

Hot Dishes Substantial Recipes, by Mary Swartz Rose 1918

Hot Potato, Book of Tasty Recipes and Hot Myth Busters of Aussie politics, by Sammy & Bella

Hot Puddings Recipes, by Maria Parloa

Hotel Keepers, Head Waiters, and Housekeepers' Guide, by Tunis Gulic Campbell 1848

Hotel Management Quantity Food Recipes, by A. Neal Geller 19--

Hotel Meat Cooking, by Jessup Whitehead 1884

Hotel St. Francis Cook Book, by Victor Hirtzler 1919

House Book or, A Manual of Domestic Economy, by Miss Leslie 1840

House Book or, Family Chronicle of Useful Knowledge, and cottage physician, by William Scott 1826

House Servant's Directory, or A Monitor for Private Families, by Robert Roberts 1827

Household Cookery, by E. Crichton 1905

Household Cookery Recipes by Mabel A. Rotheram 1901

Household Encyclopedia and Practical Home Physician, cookery, and hygiene, by Mrs Isabella M. Beeton 1892

Household Recipes, or, Domestic Cookery, by Constance Hatton Hart 1865

Household Science and Arts Recipes, for Elementary Schools, by Josephine Morris 1913

Housekeeper and Gardener, by Rebecca A. Upton 1858

Housekeeper, by Laura A. Hunt 1920

Housekeeper's Assistant, Cakes, Puddings, Pastry, Confectionery, Ice Creams, Jellies, by Ann Allen 1845

Housekeeper's Book, with a complete collection of receipts for domestic cookery, by Frances Harriet Green 1837

Housekeeper's Friend, by the Young Ladies Missionary Society, of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church 1891

Housekeeper's Guide, Or, A Plain & Practical System of Domestic Cookery, by Esther Copley 1838

Housekeeper's Instructor, or, Universal Family-Cook, being a full and clear display of the art of cookery 1811

Housekeeping in Old Virginia, From Two Hundred And Fifty Ladies, by Marion Fontaine Cabell Tyree 1876

Housekeeping in the Blue Grass, by the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church, Paris, Kentucky 1875

Housewife's Companion, and the Husbandmanʼs Guide, Or, The New Art of Cookery 1674

Housewife's Guide, or, A Complete System of Modern Cookery, Printed by Joseph Smyth 1822

How Baking Works exploring the fundamentals of baking science, by Paula Figoni 2008

How to Brew Good Beer, a complete guide to the art of brewing ale bitter ale, table-ale, by John Pitt 1864

How to Cook, and How to Carve, Directions for Cooking and Serving 1859

How to Cook Fish, by Olive Green 1908

How to Cook Fish, Recipes for sea and fresh water fish, by Society of German Fish Dealers, Germany 1886

How to Cook Husbands, by Elizabeth Strong Worthington 1898

How to Cook it, by Rena Barry and Agnes H. Mansfield 1922

How to Cook in Casserole Dishes, by Marion Harris Neil 1914

How to Cook Vegetables, by Sarah Tyson Rorer 1891

How to Keep House!, or, Comfort and Elegance on 150 to 200 a-year,.. for cookery,.. for the food.. 1832

How to Make a Souffle Recipe, by Jane Johnson 2010

How to Make Aromatic Vinegars, by Janet McKenzie Hill 1909

How to Plan Meals in War Time, with economical menus and suggestions, by Mary Swartz Rose 1917

How to Season and Measure, by Juliet Corson 1879

How to Sweeten Cranberries, by U.S. Food Administration 1918

How to Use Hawaiian Fruits, by Jessie C. Turner and Agnes B. Alexander 1910

How to Use Left-overs, by Mayor Mitchel's Committee on Food Supply 1915

How to Use Olive Butter, a collection of valuable cooking recipes, by Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer 1883

How We Cook In Los Angeles, by the Ladies Social Circle, Simpson M. E. Church 1894

How We Serve Hawaiian Canned Pineapple, by Hawaiian Pineapple Packers' Association 1914

Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value, by Harry Snyder 1914

Hundreds of Tasty Recipes, by Dynamic-Opportunity

Hungarian Specialities Cookery Book, by Nelly de Sacellary and Helen Fodor 19--?




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