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C. H. E. F. Cookbook, Maryland's 2009 Team Nutrition Grant, by Maryland State Department of Education

Cadbury Recipes, Chocolate Recipe Book 2012

Cafe Rouge 4 Truffles, Lisa Martin's Collected Recipes 2015

Cajun Cooking, 75 Delicious Recipes

Cajun Cooking Recipes, It's So Good, by Cajun Chef Caro Thomas

Cajun Family Recipe Collection, Compiled by Roger Joseph 1993

Cajun Recipes, Cajun Clark's Cookbook, 1,160 tasty recipes, Compliments of ebooksnbytes 2003

Cake Making Recipes, by Marion Harland 1893

Cake Recipes Best, by Various

Cake Recipes, by Amelia Simmons 1796

Cake Recipes, by Anonymous 1916

Cake Recipes, by Carrie V. Shuman 1893

Cake Recipes, by Eliza Leslie 1850

Cake Recipes, by Evora Bucknum Perkins 1911

Cake Recipes, by First Unitarian Church 1891

Cake Recipes, by Gesine Lemcke 1920

Cake Recipes, by Hannah Mary Peterson 1856

Cake Recipes, by Helen Campbell 1903

Cake Recipes, by Maria Parloa

Cake Recipes, by Marion Cabell Tyree 1878

Cake Recipes, by Miss Leslie 1832

Cake Recipes, by Mrs. William H. Nash 1889

Cakes and Ale, Various Recipes, by Edward Spencer 1913

Cakes and Bakes Recipes, by Micaela Pantke 1993

Cakes and Biscuits Recipes, by Florence Daniel 1915

Cakes and Cookies, War Time Recipes, by Mary Swartz Rose 1918

Cakes and Desserts Recipes, Indian Cooking, by Vaishali Parekh 2007

Cakes Best Recipes, by Henrietta Latham Dwight 1898

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes, Recipes, by Micaela Pantke 1993

Cakes, Civic League CookBook, by Anonymous 1913

Cakes, Cookies and Confections, by California Home Economics Association, Southern Section 1920

Cakes, Cookies Puddings Recipes, Library of Cookery

Cakes, Cookies Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

Cakes, Cookies Tarts Recipes, by L. O. Kleber 1915

Cakes, Crullers Eclairs Recipes, by Rufus Estes 1911

Cakes Etc. Recipes, by Eliza Leslie 1840

Cakes Great and Small of the Old South Recipes, by Martha McCulloch Williams 1913

Cakes Recipes Easy, by Mrs. F.L. Gillett 1887

Cakes Recipes Jewish, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Cakes Recipes, by First Presbyterian Church of Marion 1894

Cakes Recipes, by Lydia Maria Gurney 1914

Cakes Recipes, by Mary Hooper 1892

Cakes Recipes, by Mary Randolph 1860

Cakes Recipes, Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking

Calendar of Dinners, with 615 Recipes, by Marion Harris Neil 1915

California Mexican-Spanish Cook Book, by Bertha Haffner-Ginger 1914

Calumet Cook Book by Calumet Baking Powder Co.1916

Camp Cookery, A Cookery and Equipment Handbook for Boy Scouts and Other Campers 1918

Camp Cookery, by Horace Kephart 1910

Campfire Camping Cookbook, by the Wilderness Society 2010

Campfire Cookery for Soldiers, Scouts, Campers, Hotels, Restauranters, Auto tourist, by Steward H. Clyatt 1921

Camping Recipes, A Collection of Easy Recipes, to Prepare on your Trangia Camping Stove 2012

Camps Australia Wide Cookbook, by Camps Australia Wide travel 2014

Canadian Housewife's Manual of Cookery, complied from the best English, French & American works 1861

Canadian Lamb Recipes, by Agriculture Canada 1984

Candies and Nuts Recipes, by First Unitarian Church 1891

Candies and Sweets Jewish Recipes, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Candies Candy Recipes Best, by L. O. Kleber 1915

Candies Candy Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

Candies Candy Recipes, by Mrs. William H. Nash 1889

Candies Candy Recipes Cookbook, by Henrietta Latham Dwight 1898

Candies Candy Recipes Easiest, by Helen Campbell 1903

Candies Candy Recipes Easy, by Anonymous 1913

Candies Candy Recipes Vintage, by Rufus Estes 1911

Candies Recipes Candy, by Mary Elizabeth Hall 1912

Candlelight Tea, A Book of Recipes, by Lina Dunlap 1910

Candy Exchange Recipes, by Dave Franzchen 1988

Candy Maker's Guide, by Fletcher Manufacturing Company 1896

Candy Making Revolutionized, by Mary Elizabeth Hall 1921

Canned Fruit and Jellies Recipes, by First Presbyterian Church 1894

Canned Fruit, Preserves, and Jellies, Household Methods of Preparation, by Maria Parloa 1917

Canned Fruit Preserves Jelly and Wines Recipes, Anonymous 1913

Canned Fruits and Vegetables for variety in everyday meals, by Edith L. Elliot 1940

Canned Fruits Recipes Cookbook, by Mrs. F.L. Gillett 1887

Canned Fruits Recipes Jewish, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Canning and Drying Recipes, Library of Cookery

Canning and How to Use Canned Foods, by A. W. Bitting, K. G. Bitting 1916

Canning and Preserving Recipes, by Helen Campbell 1903

Canning Green Chile, by New Mexico State University 2013

Canning Soups and Sauces, by University of Alaska Fairbanks 2014

Canoe and Camp Cookery, A Practical Cook Book for Canoeists, Sailors, by Henry H. Soule , Seneca 1885

Can't Fail Cook Book, by Isabelle Clark Swezy 1915

Cantaloupe, Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy, by ANR University of California 2007

Captain's Lady Cookbook, personal journal, circa, Massachusetts 1837-1917

Caramels Recipes, by Amy L. Waterman 1918

Carbonadoes Recipes, by Robert May 1685

Carob Recipe Book, Delicious Recipes Using Australian Carob, by the Australian Carob Co.

Caroline King's Cook Book, foundation principles of good cookery, with recipes, by Caroline B. King 1918

Carps Boiled Roasted Baked Recipes, by Robert May 1685

Carrot Cake Best Recipes by Various 1993

Carving and Serving, by Mrs. D. A 1906

Cassell's Dictionary of Cookery, Containing about Nine Thousand Recipes, by Cassell & Company 1892

Cassell's New Dictionary of Cookery, Containing about Ten Thousand Recipes, by Cassell & Company 19--

Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery, a Manual of Cheap and Wholesome Diet, by A. G. Payne 1891

Casseroles Recipes for a Crowd, by Sandy Griffiths 1986

Casseroles Vegetarian Cookbook Recipes, by Mary Weddell 1977

Catering for Two, comfort and economy for small households, by Alice L. James 1898

Catherine Owen's New Cook Book, by Catherine Owen 1885

Cat’s Cup Cookbook!, by Bates College Dining Service, 2015

Cat’s Meow II, Collected Beer Recipes From, Internet Homebrewing Forums, February 1992

Cat's Meow 3, Collected Beer Recipes From, Internet Homebrewing Forums, January 1997

Catsups Recipes, by Mrs. F. L. Gillett 1887

Celebrate with Safe Salsa, by North Carolina State University

Celebrity Pasta Lovers' Cookbook, Celebrities Share Their Favorite Pasta Recipes, by Barilla America 2007

Centennial Buckeye Cook Book, by the Women of the First Congregational Church, Marysville, Ohio 1876

Centennial Cook Book and General Guide, by Ella E. Meyers 1876

Centennial Cookery Book, by the Woman's Centennial Association, Marietta, Ohio

Centennial Cookery, by First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Gastonia, N.C. 1987

Century Cook Book, a collection of carefully tested household recipes, by Jennie A. Hansey 1894

Century Cook Book and Home Physician, by Jennie A. Hansey and N. T. Oliver 1897

Century Cook Book, by Mary Ronald 1908

Cereals and Grains Recipes for Breakfast, by Unknown 2002

Cereals Breakfast Foods Recipes, by Anonymous 1916

Cereals Macaroni Rice Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

Cereals Recipe, by S. T. Rorer

Cereals Recipes, by Evora Bucknum Perkins 1911

Cereals Recipes, by Myrtle Reed 1916

Cereals Recipes Easy, Library of Cookery

Cereals Recipes Jewish CookBook, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Chafing Dish Recipes, by Carrie V. Shuman 1893

Chafing Dish Recipes, by Gesine Lemcke 1912

Chafing Dish Recipes, by Various 1900

Chafing Dish Recipes Vintage, by Anonymous 1913

Chafing Dish Supper, by Christine Terhune Herrick 1894

Charlottes Recipes, by Gesine Lemcke 1920

Cheap Dinner Recipes, compiled by Maria Howard 2007

Cheap Dishes Rewarmed Foods Recipes, by Juliet Corson 1887

Cheap Dishes With Meat Recipes, by Juliet Corson 1877

Cheap Dishes Without Meat Recipes, by Juliet Corson 1877

Cheap Fish and Meat Dinners Recipes, by Juliet Corson 1879

Cheap Puddings Pies and Cakes Recipes, by Juliet Corson 1879

Cheap Recipes for Fish Cookery, Prepared by Mrs. Charles Clarke 1883

Cheese and Nuts Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

Cheese Confections Recipes, by Janet McKenzie 1909

Cheese Healthy Recipes Cookbook, by Judy Simpson 1889

Cheese Magic, A little cook booklet with all sorts of cheese recipes, by Dairy Council

Cheese Recipes, by S. T. Rorer

Cheese Recipes Civic League, by Anonymous 1913

Cheese Recipes Jewish, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Cheese Recipes, Tried and True, First Presbyterian Church 1894

Cheesecake Heaven Recipes, 1993

Chef B's Pasta Recipes 2003

Chef D’s, College Student, Cook Book, for Cheap, Healthy, Easy, Fast, and Delicious Recipes 2005

Chemical Study of Meats, their digestibility, and the losses and changes, by Horace Chamberlain Porter 1900

Chemistry of Cookery, by W. Mattieu Williams 1904

Chemistry of Cooking and Cleaning, a manual for housekeepers, by Ellen H. Richards 1882

Chemistry of Food and Nutrition, by A. W Duncan 1905

Chemistry of the Household, by Margaret E. Dodd 1914

Chicken and Game Recipes, Joe Tilden 1907

Chicken Broilers, by Agriculture Canada 1972

Chicken Recipes 300, by The Info Publishers

Chicken Recipes for Dinner Easy and Fast, compiled by Franado Barczak 2011

Chicken Uncooked Recipes, by S. T. Rorer

Chickpea and Lentil Recipes, Grown under the sky of the Wimmera Mallee, by the Wimmera Grain Company

Chili Cheese Mold Recipes, Lisa Martin's Collected Recipes 2005

Chili From Scratch Recipes, by Micaela Pantke 1993

Chinese Cook Book, by Vernon Galster 1917

Chinese Cookery in the home kitchen, recipes for the most popular Chinese dishes, by Jessie Louise Nolton 1911

Chinese Japanese Cook Book, by Sara Bosse And Onoto Watanna 1914

Chinese Recipes Fast and Easy, compiled by Franado Barczak 2011

Chinese Recipes, World Class Recipes, by E-Cookbooks

Chinese Vegetarian Recipes, compiled by Jane Johnson 1997

Chocolate And Cocoa Recipes by Miss Parloa, And Home Made Candy Recipes by Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill, 1909

Chocolate, or, An Indian Drinke, by  Antonio Colmenero de Ledesma 1652

Choice Cookery, by Catherine Owen 1889

Choice Cooking Recipes, by Burrow, Stewart & Milne Co. 1900

Choice Fragment of what Mother-in-law Knows about Cooking, or, Many a Dime Saved 1875

Choice Receipts, Selected from the best Manuscript Authorities 1873

Choice Recipes, by Order of Eastern Star 1920s

Chowders Recipes, Mary Green 1917

Christ Hospital Cook Book, a collection of tried and approved recipes, by Marguerite Deaver 1910

Christmas Dinner Party Recipes, by Olive Hyde Foster 1910

Christopher House Guild Cook Book, by First Presbyterian Church, Evanston, Ill. 1912

Church Cook Book, published for the benefit of Church Work and Charity 1908

Church Suppers Recipes, Mrs. S. T. Rorer 1920

Circular 293 Cake and Mix Recipes for High Altitudes in New Mexico, by New Mexico State University 2003

Civic League Cook Book, by Anonymous 1913

Civilized Caveman Presents, Paleo Desserts, 35+ Grain-Free Goodies, by George Bryant & Abel James 2013

Clayton's Quaker Cook-Book, by H. J 1883

Clever Cooking, by the Women's Guild of St. Mark's Church, Seattle, Washington 1896

Clever Cooking for Careful Cooks, by Ladies of the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Montréal, Quebec 1888

Closet for Ladies and Gentlewomen, the Art of Preseruing, Conseruing, and Candying, by J. Holloway 1608

Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened, Cookery Receipts, by Kenelm Digby 1910

Cloud City Cook Book by Mrs. William H. Nash 1889

Club House Cook Book, by Annie Iaeger Snyder, Woman's Club of Reading, Pa 1916

Club Woman's Cook Book, by Ramblers club, Minneapolis, Minn. 1911

Cobalt Souvenir and Cook Book, by the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church, Cobalt, Ontario 1908

Cocktail Snacks Recipes, Indian Cooking, by Vaishali Parekh 2007

Coconut Flour Recipes, by Niulife

Coffee and Dessert Matching Recipe Book, by Cafédirect 2012

Coffee Cakes Doughnuts Waffles Recipes, by Myrtle Reed 1916

Coffee Cakes Kuchen Recipes Jewish, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Coffee Recipe Book by Nespresso 2012

Coffee Recipes, Coffee Specialities, by WMF Coffee Machines

Coffee Recipes, Krups Espresso Collection, by Krups

Coffee Tea and Chocolate Recipes, by Marion Cabell Tyree 1887

Coffee Tea Beverages Recipes, by Mrs. F.L. Gillette 1887

Cold and Frozen Desserts Recipes, Library of Cookery

Cold Creams Recipes, by Mary Randolph 1860

Cold Desserts Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

Cold Dishes for Hot Weather, by Ysaguirre and La Marca 1896

Cold Dishes Recipes, by Mrs. S. T. Rorer 1920

Cold Entrees or Chaudfroids Recipes, by Catherine Owen 1889

Cold Meat Cookery Recipes, by Mary Harrison 1905

Cold Puddings Made with Milk Recipes, by Gesine Lemcke 1920

Cold Puddings Recipes, by Maria Parloa

Cold Sweet Creams Recipes, by Catherine Owen 1889

Collected Recipes From The Beyond, Indian, Asian, by Sanjiv Singh 1994

Collection of Above Three Hundred Receipts in Cookery, for the use of all good wives, tender mothers 1734

Collection of Mead Recipes, Joyce Miller, Editor 1994

Collection of Ordinances and Regulations for the Royal Household, also receipts in ancient cookery, 1790

Collection of Tried Receipts, Charlestown Massachusetts, Branch of the Boston Y.M.C.A 1893

College Cooking 101, A collection of college-friendly recipes and cooking tips to help busy students 2010

College Woman's Cook Book, by College Woman's Cook Book Association, Evanston, Ill. 1923

Colonial Recipes, from old Virginia and Maryland manors, by Maude Ada Bomberger 1907

Colorado Cook Book, by the Young Ladies' Mission Band, Central Presbyterian Church, Denver, Colorado 1883

Colored Salads Recipes, by L. O. Kleber 1915

Coloring for Fruit Etc. Recipes, by Mrs. F.L. Gillette 1887

Columbia Cook Book, press of the Bradley and Gilbert Company, Louisville Kentucky 1902

Come on into the Metric Kitchen, by Agriculture Canada 1979

Comfy in the Kitchen on Thanksgiving, by Janelle Nehrenz 2011

Common Cooking Recipes, by Lydia M. Child 1832

Common Pies Recipes, by Lydia M. Child 1832

Common Sense Cook Book, by Lillian C. Masterman 1894

Common Sense in the Household, A Manual of Practical Housewifery, by Marion Harland 1873

Common Sense papers on cookery, by Arthur Gay Payne 1877

Commons Favorites, Senior Cookbook!, by Bates College 2012

Community Cook Book, by Anonymous 1916

Compendium of Cookery and Reliable Recipes, by Mrs. E. C. Blakeslee, Mrs. Emma Leslie, S. H. Hughes 1890

Compilation of Household Science, by Mary Ryan 1913

Compleat City and Country Cook, or, Accomplish'd Housewife, several hundred receipts, by Charles Carter 1732

Compleat Cook, by Nath. Brook 1658

Complete Art of Cookery, Exhibited in a Plain and Easy Manner, by Mrs. Glasse 1828

Complete Book of Cheese, by Robert Carlton Brown 1955

Complete Bread, Cake and Cracker Baker, by J. Thompson Gill 1881

Complete Confectioner, Pastry-Cook, and Baker, Practical Directions for Making Confectionary and Pastry 1864

Complete Cook, Plain and Practical Directions For Cooking and Housekeeping, by J. M. Sanderson 1864

Complete Distiller, by Michael Nixon & Michael McCaw 2001

Complete English Cook, or, Prudent Housewife, receipts in every branch of cookery, roasting, boiling, stewing. 1780

Complete System of Cookery on a Plan Entirely New, Original Collection of Receipts, by John Simpson 1816

Complete System of French Domestic Cookery, Upon Principles of Economy, by Antoine B. Beauvilliers 1837

Confectionery Recipes Cookbook, by Mrs. F. L. Gillette 1887

Confectionery Recipes, by Charlotte Campbell Bury 1844

Confectionery Recipes Virginia, by Marion Cabell Tyree 1878

Confections Recipes, by Various

Confections Recipes Easy, Library of Cookery

Confections Recipes, First Presbyterian Church 1894

Confections Recipes Perkins, by Evora Bucknum Perkins 1911

Consolidated Library of Modern Cooking and Household Recipes, by Christine Terhune Herrick 1904

Continental Cookery for the English Table, by Edith Siepen 1915

Convalescent Cookery, by Catherine Ryan 1881

Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and universal dictionary, of modern cookery, by Mary Eaton 1823

Cook and Housewife's Manual, modern domestic cookery, French cookery, by Margaret Lees Dods 1862

Cook and Housewife's Manual, receipts for soups, gravies, sauces, ragouts, by Mrs. Margaret Dods 1827

Cook Book, by Ossoli Club, Highland Park, Ill. 19--?

Cook book, containing recipes for a number of excellent dishes which can be made with this food chopper 1900

Cook Book for Nurses, by Sarah C. Hill 1911

Cook Book, Southern Recipes, by Mrs. E. F. Warren 1922

Cook County Cook Book, from Recipes contributed by Cook County Ladies 1912

Cook Not Mad, Or, Rational Cookery, Being a Collection of Original and Selected Receipts 1831

Cookbook, the Winning Recipes, for 2014 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, by Epicurious

Cookery and Confectionery, by John Conrade Cooke 1824

Cookery and Domestic Economy, one thousand carefully tested recipes, by Mrs. Mary Somerville 18--

Cookery and Housekeeping, a manual of domestic economy for large and small families, by Mrs. Henry Reeve, 1882

Cookery and Housekeeping, by Christine G J. Reeve 1882

Cookery as it Should be, A New Manual of the Dining Room and Kitchen, by Practical housekeeper, 1856

Cookery Blue Book, by Society for Christian Work, First Unitarian Society of San Francisco 1891

Cookery Book and General Axioms for Plain Cookery, by E. Briggs, London, England. School Board 1890

Cookery Book for Fasting and Abstinence Days, by P. O. P. 1904?

Cookery, by Amy G. Richards 1895

Cookery Craft, As Practiced in 1894 by the Women of the South Church, St Johnsbury, Vt., 1894

Cookery Door County Recipes, by Judy Simpson 1995

Cookery Eatery, Cooking clubs Recipes 2014

Cookery for Beginners, A Series of Familiar Lessons for Young Housekeepers, by Marion Harland 1884

Cookery for Common Ailments, by A Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and Phyllis Browne 1911

Cookery for English Households, by a French Lady 1864

Cookery for Invalids and Others, by Lizzie Heritage 1897

Cookery for Invalids, by Thomas J. Murrey 1887

Cookery for Invalids, Persons of Delicate Digestion, and for Children, by Mary Hooper 1876

Cookery for Little Girls, by Olive Hyde Foster 1910

Cookery for the Lancashire Operatives, by An Englishman 1863

Cookery for the Million, with Useful Hints to Housewives 1877

Cookery from Experience, containing more than one thousand domestic recipes, by Mrs. Sara T. Paul 1875

Cookery in the Public Schools, by Sallie Joy White 1890

Cookery Manuals, by Emma Pike Ewing 1890

Cookery of the Salmon, by Alexander Innes Shand 1898

Cookery, Rational, Practical, and Economical, by Hartelaw Reid 1855

Cookery Recipes, by St. Mary's Guild, Mill Valley, Calif. 1902

Cookery Recipes, by Women of First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Cookery Reformed, or, The Lady's Assistant, of the best and most approved receipts in cookery 1755

Cookery Up to Date, A Practical Handbook of what to eat, and how to cook it, by May Little 19--

Cookery with a Chafing Dish, by Thomas J. Murrey 1891

Cookie Bars Best Recipe, compiled by Jane Johnson 2003

Cookie Recipes, 550 Recipes, by BustersRecipes 2007

Cookies Bars Recipes Easy, compiled by Jane Johnson 2004

Cookies Drop Cakes and Doughnuts, by Anonymous 1913

Cookies Favorite Dishes, by Carrie V. Shuman 1893

Cookies Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes, by Unknown

Cookies Recipes Jewish, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome, by Apicius

Cooking and Serving Pork Recipes, by A. W. Fulton 1901

Cooking Apicius, Roman Recipes For Today, by Sally Grainger

Cooking by Gas, Practical Hints on Cookery, by Dangler Stove & Mfg. Co. 1900

Cooking Dried Beans, Peas and Lentils, by Cooperative Extension Service, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Cooking Eggs Recipes, by Mrs. S.T. Rorer

Cooking for Christmas, by Dept. of Agriculture Canada 1967

Cooking for Christmas, by Reader's Digest

Cooking for Two, A Handbook for Young Housekeepers, by Janet M. Hill 1909

Cooking from the Heart, Affordable, Tasty Recipes, good for the Whole Family, Compiled by Heleen Meyer 2012

Cooking Hints and Helps to Reduce the Cost of Living, by the Northern Trust Company Bank 1913

Cooking in Old Créole Days, La cuisine créole à l'usage des petits ménages, by Célestine Eustis 1903

Cooking in the Elementary Schools, by Board of Education, the Education Division Chicago, January 1922

Cooking Manual of Practical Directions for Economical Every-day Cookery, by Juliet Corson 1877

Cooking School Recipes, by Amy Barnes 1890

Cooking School Text Book, by Juliet Corson 1883

Cooking Wild Game, by Brad Fenson

Cooking with Beans, Peas, Lentils and Chickpeas, by pulsecanada.com 2010

Cooking with California Food in K-12 Schools, by the Center for Ecoliteracy 2011

Cooking with dow, Beer Recipes, by Jehane Benoit 19--?

Cook's Decameron, Containing Over Two Hundred Recipes For Italian Dishes. by Mrs. W. G. Waters

Cook's Dictionary, and House-keeper's Directory, A Manual of Cookery and Confectionery, by Richard Dolby 1830

Cook's Economical Book, by Mrs. Mary C. Davis 1918

Cook's Guide and Housekeeper's & Butler's Assistant, a practical treatise on English and foreign cookery.. 1880

Cook's in Clover, Reliable Recipes, by Ladies of the North Reformed Church, Passaic, N. J. 1889

Cook's Oracle, And Housekeeper's Manual, Containing Receipts for Cookery, by William Kitchiner 1830

Cook's Own Book, Being A Complete Culinary Encyclopedia, With Numerous Original Receipts 1832

Cool Weather Candies Recipes, by Amy L. Waterman 1918

Cordials Recipes, by Mary Randolph 1860

Corn Cook Book, War Edition, by Elizabeth O. Hiller 1918

Corn Meal Recipes for breakfast, dinner, supper, by Bessie R. Murphy 1920

Corona Club Cook Book, by Corona Club, San Francisco 1910

Cosmopolitan Cook and Recipe Book, Recipes for American, French, German, English, Irish Dishes, 1882

Cottolene, the New Shortening, for sale everywhere, Cottolene made only by the N. K. Fairbank Co 1900

Council Cook Book, by San Francisco Section, of the Council of Jewish Women, San Francisco Cal. 1908

Country Housewife and Lady's Director by Richard Bradley

Course of Lectures on the Principles of Domestic Economy and Cookery, by Juliet Corson 1886

Course of Lessons in Domestic Science, by Myrtle Leone Wilson 1913

Couscous for Breakfast Recipes, by Micaela Pantke 1993

Craft of Whisky Distilling, by The American Distilling Institute 2009

Cranberry Farm Recipes, Shirley Mackenzie's Collected Recipes 2004

Cream and Frozen Puddings Recipes, by Catherine Owen 1889

Cream Candies Cooked Recipes, by Amy L. Waterman 1918

Cream Candies Uncooked Recipes, by Amy L. Waterman 1918

Cream Cheese Balls Easy Recipes, Deborah Bracknell's Collected Recipes 2015

Creams Custards Etc. Recipes, by L. O. Kleber 1915

Creams Home Comforts Recipes, by Mary Hooper 1892

Creams Recipes, First Unitarian Church 1891

Creams Sillabubs Blamangers Wassels Recipes, by Robert May 1685

Creative Herbal Ice Creams and Sorbets, by Henry Flowers & Billi Parus 2013

Creative Vegetable Cookery, by Pat Beck, Nutrition Specialist 1991

Cre-Fydd's Family Fare, the Young Housewife's Daily Assistant, on cookery and housekeeping, by Cre-Fydd, 1866

Creole Cookery Book, by Christian Woman's Exchange, New Orleans, La. 1885

Creole Recipes Cookery of the Old South, by Martha McCulloch Williams 1913

Crepes and Crepes Recipes, collected by Micaela Pantke 1993

Croquettes and Fritters Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

Crumbs from our Friends' Tables, by Loyal Friends Class, of the Christian Sunday School, Kansas Illinois 1923

Cuisinart, Recipe Booklet, Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker 2001

Cuisine, A compilation of recipes known to be reliable, by the Ladies of St. John, Benevolent Institution 1878

Cuisine of Latvia, Typical Latvian Food and Drink Recipes, by Latvian Institute 2004

Cuisine Spanish Appetizers Recipes, collected by Jane Johnson 2002

Culina Famulatrix Medicinæ, or, Receipts in Modern Cookery, by Alexander Hunter 1806

Culinary Chemistry, exhibiting the scientific principles of cookery, pickles, fruit jellies, by Friedrich Accum 1821

Culinary Jottings, a treatise in thirty chapters on reformed cookery for Anglo-Indian rites, by Kenney Herbert 1885

Culinary Wrinkles, Practical Recipes for using Armour's Extract of Beef, by Ida M. Palmer 1905

Culture and Cooking, or, Art in the Kitchen, by Catherine Owen 1881

Cultural Recipes, Collection of Recipes from Different Communities living in the Eastern Region of Melbourne

Cupid's Book of Good Counsel, by E. F. Kiessling & Son 1918

Cure Yourself, Secret Remedies and Wonder Foods, by Vaishali Parekh 2007

Curries Life Cook Book Recipes, by Florence Daniel 1915

Curries New Vegetarian Dishes Recipes, by Mrs. Bowdich 1892

Curries Recipes, by Grace Glergue Harrison and Gertrude Clergue 1916

Curry Cook's Assistant, how to Make Curries in England, by Daniel Santiagoe 1889

Curry Dishes Recipes, by Thomas J. Murrey 1891

Custard Recipes, by Gesine Lemcke 1920

Custards Creams and Desserts Recipes, by Mrs. F.L. Gillett 1887

Custards Creams Jellies Etc. Recipes, by Helen Campbell 1903

Cyder Maker's Instructor, Sweet Maker's Assistant, by Thomas Chapman




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