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B. Smith Recipes, by B. Smith 2011

B. Y. P. U. Cookbook, A selection of tested recipes, by Baptist Young People's Union 1899

Baby's Food, Recipes for the Preparation of Food for Infants and Children, by Isaac Arthur Abt 1917

Bacardi Party Book, Recipes for Drinks, Punches, Snacks by Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Rum Drinks and Cocktails Recipes by Bacardi 2012

Bacillus of Long Life, Use of Fermented Milks, by Loudon Douglas 1911

Bake a Scones Recipes, compiled by Micaela Pantke 1993

Baked Brie Recipes, Deborah Bracknell's Collected Recipes 2001

Baked Meats Recipes, by Robert May 1685

Bakery, Recipes Pie, Pastry and Cakes, by Will Davis 1989

Baking 101, Pacific Cooks, Sweet Treats Edition, by University of the Pacific

Baking Cake and Bread Recipes, by Olive Hyde Foster 1910

Baking Powder Breads, Muffins and Biscuit Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

Balanced Meals with Recipes, food values, by Lake View Woman's Club, Chicago, Ill. 1917

Banana Q Recipes, compiled by Jane Johnson 2009

Baptist Ladies Cook Book, choice and tested recipies, contributed by the Ladies of Monmouth, Ill 1895

Barbara's Dinner Recipe ideas for the Family, compiled by Barbara Cantos 2010

Barbecue Sauces Easy Recipes, by Various 1993

Basic Macrobiotic Recipes, by Macrobiotics America

Basic Muffin Recipes with Variations, compiled by Jane Johnson 2010

Basic Principles of Domestic Science, by Lilla Frich 1912

Bates Iron Chef Competition!, by Bates Dining Services and CHEWS. 2014

Bean Based Recipe Booklet, Promoting the consumption of beans, by Zambia Agriculture Research 2014

Beanefical Recipes, a collection of 50 bean recipes, by Colorado State University 2012

Beans, Peas and Lentils Recipes, by Agriculture Canada 1981

Beans, The Bold and Beautiful Book of Bean Recipes, by the Washington State WIC program

Beans, the Healthy Choice for Every Meal, by The Bean Institute 2014

Beef and Veal Recipes, compiled by Danny Lundie 2009

Beef Excellent Recipes, by Robert May

Beef, How to Choose and Cook it, by Semple, F. G, Canada. Dept. of Agriculture, Live Stock Branch 1937

Beef Mutton Veal Lamb Recipes, by Mrs. W. G. Waters

Beef Recipes, by Eliza Leslie 1840

Beef Recipes, by Mary Randolph 1860

Beef Recipes, by Pierre Blot 1884

Beef Recipes, by S. T. Rorer

Beef Veal Pork Recipes, by Rufus Estes 1911

Beef Veal Recipes, by Marion Cabell Tyree 1878

Bee's Lees, A Collection of Mead Recipes, Editor Joyce Miller 1994

Beeton's Every-day Cookery and Housekeeping Book, fifteen hundred receipts, by Isabella Mary Beeton 1872

Beginner's Kitchen, A Manual for Shopping and Cooking Healthy Meals on a Budget, by A. J. Norton 2010

Belgian Cook Book, by Mrs Brian Luck 1915

Belgian Recipes, Edited By Mrs. Brian Luck 1915

Bellagio Sipping Chocolate Recipe Book, by Caffe D’Amore 2010

Best Bartender's Recipes, 1000 drink recipes for every occasion, by Suzi Parker 2005

Best Cake Recipes Made from Scratch, compiled by Franado Barczak 1996

Best German Recipes Collection 2012, Original and Authentic German Food, by MyBestGermanRecipes

Best Out of Waste Recipes, Left Over's, Indian Cooking, by Vaishali Parekh 2007

Best Sorbets Recipes, compiled by Micaela Pantke 1993

Best Yummy Recipes for Dinner, compiled by Julie Bucket 2011

Bethany Union Cook Book, by Woman's Society of Bethany Union Church, Chicago 1912

Better Meals for Less Money, by Mary Green 1917

Betty Crocker's Cookbook for boys & girls by Betty Crocker 1957

Betty K Cookbook Recipes, by Betty Keller 1997

Beverages Cordials Recipes Virginia, by Marion Cabell Tyree 1878

Beverages Jewish Recipes, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Beverages Recipes, by Anonymous 1913

Beverages Recipes, by Carrie V. Shuman 1893

Beverages Recipes, by Mary Green 1917

Beverages Recipes, by Mary Hooper 1892

Beverages Recipes, by Mary Ronald 1901

Beverages Recipes, by Rufus Estes 1911

Beverages Recipes, by Thomas J. Murrey 1885

Beverages Recipes, by Various 1900

Beverages Recipes, by Woman's Institute

Big D's Blueberry Patch Recipes, by Don & Debby Davison 2009

Bill of Fare for Every Day in the Year, by Beatrice Wilde Bryant 1892

Biscuits Jems Pancakes and Fritters Recipes, by Anonymous 1913

Biscuits Rolls Muffins Recipes, by Mrs. F.L. Gillett 1887

Bistro Z Dinner Menu Recipes 2007

Black Bear Recipe Guide, by NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife 2014

Blackberry Farm Recipes, Emma Jenkins, Collected Recipes 2004

Blackfish, Bluefish Recipes, by Olive Green 1905

Blue and Gold Cook Book, recipes of quality, by Oakland Brewing & Malting Co. 1912

Blue Grass Cook Book, by Minnie C. Fox 1911

Bobs Recipes Fabulous and Delicious, compiled by Bob Garrett 2009

Bohemian San Francisco, Their Most Famous Recipes, by Clarence E. Edwords 1914

Boiled and Baked Puddings Recipes, by Gesine Lemcke 1920

Boiled Dishes Recipes, by Juliet Corson 1877

Bold Palates, Australia's Gastronomic Heritage, by Barbara Santich 2012

Bonnes Bouches and Relishable Dishes for Breakfast and Luncheon, by Louisa E. Smith 1893

Book of Fruits and Flowers, Cookery Book by Anonymous 1653

Book of Household Management, by Mrs Isabella Beeton 1861

Book of Original Receipts, by Kathryn Romig McMurray 1917

Book of Potato Cookery, by Mrs. Mary L. Wade 1918

Book of Practical Recipes for the Housewife, by Chicago Evening American 1900s

Book of Preserves, Le livre de conserves, for preserving meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, by Jules Gouffe 1871

Book of Rarer Vegetables, by Wythes, George 1906

Book of Recipes, by the Woman's Association, of Brewster Congregational Church, Detroit, Michigan 1921

Book of Recipes for the Cooking School, by Carrie Alberta Lyford 1921

Book of Recipes for the Domestic Science Department of the Altoona High School, by Zitella Wertz 1913

Book of Simples, by Henry William Lewer 1910

Book of Tried Recipes 1890

Book of Unusual Recipes, compiled for the members of the Parent-Teacher's Association of Oakton School 19--?

Books and My Food, by Elisabeth Luther Cary 1904

Borwick's Cookery Book, by George Borwick & Sons 1890

Boston Cooking School Cook Book, two thousand one hundred and seventeen recipes, by Fannie M. Farmer 1917

Boston Cooking-School Magazine Vol. XV, No. 2, Aug.-Sept 1910

Brand Name Copycat Recipes, World Class Recipes, by E-Cookbooks

Braxton's Practical Cook Book, by George F. Braxton 1886

Bread and Muffins, War Time Recipes, by Mary Swartz Rose 1918

Bread and Rolls Recipes, by Anonymous 1913

Bread, at New Mexico State University

Bread Biscuit and Rolls Easy Recipes, by Henrietta Latham Dwight 1898

Bread Biscuits Rolls Pastry Recipes, by Anonymous 1916

Bread Breakfast Cakes Recipes, by Helen Campbell 1903

Bread Buns Fritters Recipes, by Various 1900

Bread Cakes Pies Puddings and Pastry Recipes, by H. J. Clayton 1883

Bread Cakes Recipes, by Mary Harrison 1905

Bread Dishes Recipes, by Carrie V. Shuman 1893

Bread Easy Recipes, by Mrs. Mill 1909

Bread Macaroni Rice Recipes, by Juliet Corson 1897

Bread Making and Bread Baking, Recipes, by Minnie E. Brothers 1915

Bread Making, by NM State University 2015

Bread Plain Cakes Recipes, by Eliza Leslie 1857

Bread Pudding How to Make it, compiled by Micaela Pantke 1993

Bread Recipes, by First Presbyterian Church of Marion, Ohio. 1894

Bread Recipes, by First Unitarian Church 1891

Bread Recipes, by Juliet Corson 1877

Bread Recipes, by Library of Cookery

Bread Recipes, by Maria Parloa

Bread Recipes, by Marion Cabell Tyree 1878

Bread Recipes, by Mrs. F.L. Gillett 1887

Bread Recipes, by S. T. Rorer

Bread Recipes Jewish, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Bread Rolls Easy Recipes, by L. O. Kleber 1915

Bread Rolls Etc, by Thomas J. Murrey 1885

Bread Sponge Breakfast Breads Recipes, by Marion Harland 1893

Bread Yeast Gems Recipes, by Mrs. William H. Nash 1889

Bread Yeast Recipes, by Lydia M. Child 1832

Breads Leavened Recipes, by Evora Bucknum Perkins 1911

Breads Recipes from Around the World, compiled by Franado Barczak 2010

Breads Vintage Recipes, by Lydia Maria Gurney 1914

Breads Vintage Unleavened Recipes, by Evora Bucknum Perkins 1911

Breakfast and Tea Cakes, by Eliza Leslie 1850

Breakfast Breads Recipes, by Marion Harland 1893

Breakfast Dainties, by Thomas J. Murrey 1885

Breakfast, Dinner and Supper, or, What to Eat and How to Prepare it, by Maud C. Cooke 1897

Breakfast, Dinners, Suppers Recipes, by Eliza Leslie 1850

Breakfast Dishes, Beverages Recipes, by Mary Harrison 1905

Breakfast Dishes, by First Unitarian Church 1891

Breakfast Dishes, Recipes, by Thomas J. Murrey 1885

Breakfast, Luncheon and Tea, by Marion Harland 1875

Breakfast Meats, by Myrtle Reed 1916

Breakfast Muffin Recipes Easy, by Stephanie da Silva 1993

Breakfast Pancake Recipes, compiled by Micaela Pantke 1999

Breakfast Recipes by Maria Parloa

Breakfasts and Teas, by Paul Pierce 1907

Breakfasts, Luncheons, and Ball Suppers, by Major L... 1887

Brewing Wine at Home, Pdf. by Jane Johnson 2014

Bride's Cook Book, A Happy Home is A Joy Forever, by Douglass Publishing Co. 1909

Bride's Cook Book, by Edgar William Briggs 1918

Bride's Cook Book, by Mrs. Laura Davenport 1908

Bride's Cook Book, by the California Bride's Cook Book, Publishing Co. 1915

Brief Medical Directions for the Treatment of Accidents, and instructions for sick cookery, by H. P. R 1852

British, French, Italian, Russian, Belgian Cookery, Arranged by Grace Clergue Harrison and Gertrude Clergue 1916

Broiled Meat Recipes, Marion Harland's Cookery for Beginners 1893

Broths Recipes, by Charlotte Campbell Bury 1844

Brunswick Stews Gumbo Side Dishes Recipes, by Marion Cabell Tyree 1878

B's Meats Recipes, compiled by Betty Griffiths 2001

Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping, by Estelle Woods Wilcox 1877

Budget Dinner Recipes, by by Maria Howard 2007

Buffalo Cookery, A Collection of Choice Recipes Carefully Selected, by the Ladies' Auxiliary, 1916

Bulgarian Cuisine Cookbook Recipes, First Edition 2013

Business of Being a Housewife, a manual to promote household efficiency and economy 1917

Butter Cheese Recipes, by Mrs. F.L. Gillett 1887

BYU Solar Cooker, Cooler, by Steven E. Jones 2002




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