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76 A cook book by Des Moines. Plymouth church 1876

99 Practical Methods of Utilizing boiled beef and the Original recipe for stewed chicken, by Babet 1893

100 dollar Prize Essay on the Cultivation of the Potato, and How to Cook the Potato, by Prof. Blot

365 Foreign Dishes, a foreign dish for every day in the year 1908

365 Foreign Dishes, by Unknown 1900s

365 Luncheon Dishes, by Anonymous 1902

365 Orange Recipes, an orange recipe for every day in the year, by Mrs J. Lane 1909

365 Tasty Dishes, a tasty dish for every day in the year, Philadelphia 1906

800 Proved Pecan Recipes, their place in the menu, by Keystone Pecan Research Laboratory 1925

5,000 Gems for the Household, everything a lady would like to know, by Margaret Savannah Fox 1887

ABC of Cooking, by Adelin Balch Coit 1917

A B C of Cooking, by Christine Terhune Herrick 1916

A B C of Winter Foods, by C. Houston Goudiss 1921

Accomplisht cook, or the Art & Mystery of Cookery by Robert May 1864

Achewood Recipes for A Lady or A Man, by Chris Onstand 2003

African American Cookbook, Soulful Recipes, by Champions for Change, Network for a Healthy California

African Recipes by Unknown 2010

African Recipes, compiled by Jane Johnson 2001

Agencies for the Sale of Cooked Foods Without Profit, by Iva Lowther Peters 1919

Alaska Kids’, Healthy Harvest, Cookbook, cook, eat and love vegetables!, by Sarah R. P. Lewis 2015

Alaskan Bootlegger's Bible, Makin beer, wine Liqueurs and moonshine whisky, by Leon W. Kania

Alcoholic Beverages and Recipes, The Kitchen Magazine, June 1999

Alfredo Pasta Cookbook, compiled by Micaela Pantke 1993

Alice's Dinner Recipe Book, compiled by Alice Kennon 2009

All About Beans, Recipes, Nutrition, Health Benefits, by NDSU Extension Service 2013

All About Cookery, A collection of practical recipes, arranged in alphabetical order, by Mrs. Beeton 1887

All About Everything, being a dictionary of practical recipes and every-day information 1878

All American Cook Book, recipes of the favorite dishes of famous Americans, by Gertrude Frelove Brebner 1922

All Western Conservation Cook Book, by Mrs. Inie Gage Chapel 1917

Allied Cookery, British, French, Italian, Belgian, Russian, by Grace Clergue Harrison and Gertrude Clergue 1916

Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book, by Thomas R Allinson 1915

Amarula, Coffees, Cocktails, Shooters, Food, Recipe Guide, by Amarula

Amazing Dinner Recipes, Chef Mark Thomson 2007

Amazing Rice Recipes, 284 Delicious Rice Recipes, by Jo Frank 2009

American Cookery, by Amelia Simmons 1796

American Cookery, November 1921, by Various

American Cookery, Or, The Art of Dressing Viands, Fish, Poultry, and Vegetables, by Amelia Simmons 1798

American cookery, V. 20, June-July, 1915 - May, 1916

American cookery, V. 21, June-July, 1916 - May, 1917

American cookery, V. 22, June-July, 1917 - May, 1918

American cookery, V. 23, June-July, 1918 - May, 1919

American cookery, V. 24, June-July, 1919 - May, 1920

American cookery, V. 25, June-July, 1920 - May, 1921

American cookery, V. 26, June-July, 1921 - May, 1922

American cookery, V. 27, June-July, 1922 - May, 1923

American Food Recipes Book, by Unknown 1993

American Frugal Housewife, by Mrs. Child 1832

American Housewife, containing the most valuable and original receipts in all the various branches of cookery, 1841

American Journal of Nursing, Vol 19. Food Conservation and Invalid Cookery, by Alice Urquhart Fewell 1919

American Matron, Or Practical and Scientific Cookery, by A Housekeeper 1851

American Pastry Cook, a book of perfected receipts, by Jessup Whitehead 1894

American Practical Cookery Book, or, Housekeeping made easy, and several hundred additional receipts 1859

American Red Cross Text-book on Home Dietetics, by Ada Z. Fish 1917

American Woman's Cookbook, Approved Household Recipes, by Ella M. Blackstone 1910

American Woman's Home, by Catharine Esther Beecher & Harriet Beecher Stowe 1869

America’s Test Kitchen, Season Fourteen Recipes 2013

Andalusian Cookbook by Anonymous 13th Century

Appetizer, A Thoroughly Reliable Cook Book, by Mrs. Sarah B. Estabrook 1893

Appetizer Recipes, World Class Recipes, by E-Cookbooks

Appetizers and Relishes, by Mary Green 1917

Appetizers Crackers Sandwiches Savories Cheese Recipes, by Robert Carlton Brown 1955

Appetizers Easy Recipes, created by Susan Lakeview 2015?

Appetizers Everyone Loves, compiled by Unknown

Appetizers Jewish Recipes, by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

Appledore Cook Book, containing practical receipts for plain and rich cooking, by Maria Parloa 1872

Apples, Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy, by ANR University of California 2007

Apples Year Round, Recipes, by Agriculture Canada 1979

Appleton Estate, Jamaica Rum, the Finest Appleton Estate Recipe Cocktails from around the World

Apsley Cookery Book, Containing 448 Recipes, by Mrs. A. L. Webster and Mrs F. W. Jessop 1905

Apsley Cookery Book, Containing 503 Recipes, by Mrs. John J. Webster and Mrs. H. Llewelyn 1914

Armour's Monthly Cook Book, Volume 2, No 1913

Around the World Cook Book, the culinary gleanings of a naval officer's wife, by Mary Louise Barroll 1913

Art and Practice of Sausage Making, by NDSU Extension Service, April 2012

Art And Science Of Cooking With Cannabis, by Adam Gottlieb 1993

Art of Confectionary, by Edward Lambert 1761

Art of Cookery, A Manual for Homes and Schools, by Emma Ewing 1899

Art of Cookery, by John Mollard 1836

Art of Cookery, in imitation of Horace's Art of poetry, the soups and sauces, by King William 1708

Art of Cookery, Made Easy and Refined, by John Mollard 1808

Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy, To which are Added One Hundred and Fifty New.... by Hannah Glasse 1774

Art of French Cookery, by Antoine B . Beauvilliers 1827

Art of German Cooking and Baking, by Mrs. Lina Meier 1922

Art of Living in Australia, together with three hundred Australian cookery recipes, by Philip E. Muskett 1893

Art of Preserving all Kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances for Several Years, by M. Appert 1812

Artichoke Dip Recipes, compiled by Unknown

Artistic Savouries, by E. Sheridan 19--?

AT & T Cookbook, compiled by Aton & Thomas 1998

At Home Cronut Pastry, from Four Magazine

Atlanta Woman's Club Cook Book, by Home Economics Department 1921

Attractive Menus, by Harriet Warner 1916

Au Fudge Restaurant Recipes, Betty Griffiths 2014

Au Gratin, Soups, Salads and Sauces Recipes, by Robert Brown 1955

Aunt Babette's Cook Book, foreign and domestic receipts for the household, by Aunt Babette 1893

Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes, by Emma and William McKinney 1922

Aunt Daisy's Favourite Cookery Book, by Maud Basham, Aunt Daisy 1953

Australian Grand Dairy Awards, Best of the Best Cookbook, by Dairy Australia 2012

Australian Lamb Recipes, A World of Flavor, by Meat & Livestock Australia

Australia's best Kangaroo Recipes, 80 Roocipes

Authentic Spanish Appetizers, by Unknown 2000

Average Jane's Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes, by Celeste Lindell

Ayurvedic Recipes, Eat Fair, Eat Green, Eat Well, by Foodcircles




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